Le 1er juin, pèlerinage avec nos amis allemands de Himmelreich "Sur le chemin du serpent", voir sur notre site programme des sorties.
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"Pluie du matin n'arrête pas le pèlerin."

The stammtisch

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We organize meetings called Stammtisch in four places in Alsace, spread more or less evenly from north to south, every month except August.

1st Tuesday, in Châtenois (67), at the gîte d'étape (CCA), 4 rue St-Georges from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
2nd Tuesday, Restaurant "squash 3000" avenue François Mitterand 68100 Mulhouse from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
3rd Tuesday, in Kilstett (67), at the Hotel-Restaurant A La Couronne, 6 rue Nationale from 18 h 30 to 20h30
4th Tuesday, in Strasbourg (67), at the Cuvette des Bouillons, 8 rue du 22 Novembre from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Any person wishing information can contact us by using the link at the bottom of the page of the site "contact us".
You will be able to meet with a person in charge of the association who will be able to answer all your questions. These meetings are an opportunity for exchanges between accomplished jacquaires and candidates for departure.
These evenings start at 6:30 pm (Strasbourg 6:00 pm) but depending on your constraints, the door remains open even after 6:30 pm.
Do not hesitate to come and meet us.

A little culture:

The stammtisch, places and moments of conviviality between (future and former) pilgrims and curious people...

who may become pilgrims

For those who are new to Alsace and are not familiar with German (and even less with Alsatian!), it is certainly necessary to explain why we consider these meetings essential.

Let's go back to the basics, starting with one of the definitions proposed on the web (source Wikipedia)
"The Stammtisch is a traditional table in Alsace and in other territories of German culture. This kind of meeting is usually held in a reserved corner of a bar or restaurant and allows regulars to get together over a meal or a beer to discuss and have fun. Traditionally, a shield or symbol designates the table that is reserved for a particular Stamm."

This "table of regulars" is therefore a table open to those who want to know more about the roads to Santiago, whether it is the route in Alsace, or other sections, in France as in Spain, or also in other neighboring countries or further afield. It is an opportunity to create links, and for those who are about to discover the Way, wherever they go, to feel less alone, if the pilgrim-walker can really be alone on the Way.

I walked the path a few years ago, at a time when it was necessary to go fishing for information, in a still stammering internet. Today, the future pilgrim risks drowning under the deluge of information that he can gather in a few clicks or in the countless publications. The exchanges during a stammtisch will perhaps help him to sort out, to discover particular aspects of the path. And to say the least, to enter the Jacobean family even before his departure.

I have only been attending stammtisch for a short time: each time I am surprised by the richness and density of the exchanges.

Rest assured, there is no proselytizing, you will not leave a stammtisch with a thread in your leg.

We will be happy to welcome you for a first time, and to meet you there "if you feel like it".

Ultreïa !!
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