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   "La vie est courte, mais un sourire ne prend qu'une seconde."

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Welcome to the website of the friends of Saint-Jacques in Alsace

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The association "Les Amis de Saint-Jacques en Alsace" was founded in 1998 on the initiative of Odile Egele.
Its foundation responds to the needs of all pilgrims wishing to visit the Apostle James in his final resting place in Galicia: how to get there (on foot, on horseback, by bicycle)? Where to sleep? What to take with you? How to get the pilgrim's booklet, the famous credencial? And a hundred other questions...
Other aims of the association: to find the pilgrimage routes, to mark them out, to encourage research into the pilgrimage and to bring together all the friends of Saint-Jacques.
The asso  ciation is a member of the French Federation of Associations of the Ways of St. James, the French Federation Via Francigena and the Club Vosgien.

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